One of the greatest natural pain relievers on the planet, one that is very quickly becoming legal in every state, is called marijuana. It has been the subject of great controversy for decades, ever since being made illegal back in the early part of the last century, but it is actually a very beneficial drug. It is able to help people in many ways such as allow them to relax, sometimes think very deep thoughts, and is able to reduce pain. People that are on chemotherapy can get medical cannabis that can help them as they are going through this treatment, allowing them to properly deal with the pain they are feeling. Here are the reasons why medical cannabis is one of the greatest resources for pain relief that has ever existed, and thanks to the efforts of the many that have pushed for legalizing this very beneficial drug, it may soon be legal everywhere so that people can benefit from its medicinal qualities.

What Is Marijuana?

Marijuana is a plant that is also called cannabis sativa, one that has a very distinct appearance and aroma. It has been illegal for decades, but due to the wisdom of people pushing for its legalization, and recognizing its many health related benefits, it is now being used on a regular basis with patients in hospitals that are suffering from large amounts of pain. There is actually a psychoactive element in marijuana, one that is said to alter the mind. When a person is high, the intoxicating effects are caused by one particular aspect of this plant called delta-9-tetrahydro-cannabinol or simply abbreviated as THC. There is a certain resin that is produced by this plant, specifically by the leaves and the buds. It contains over 500 chemicals in addition to THC, and over 100 different compounds. But how exactly does cannabis help with pain relief? It has to do with the way it affects your central nervous system.

How Does It Help Relieve Pain?

Studies have shown that marijuana is able to relieve pain because it is able to affect the central nervous system. By reducing pain levels, people are not only able to sleep better, but any discomfort that they are feeling becomes much more bearable. This has been proven clinically, using placebos and testing that has been approved. According to the research, taking three puffs or hits every day can promote pain relief. There are a couple specifics that must be noted in order to get the best results including how much THC was used and how long they held the marijuana smoke in their lungs. The study clearly showed that 9.4% tetrahydrocannabinol produced excellent results for relieving pain and by holding it for a minimum of 10 seconds, this seems to be the amount of time necessary to get enough THC from the lungs into the bloodstream so that the pain relief could occur.

Modern society is being introduced to many new pharmaceuticals every year that are produced in order to combat pain. This could be the result of injuries, problems with their central nervous system, and when going through chemotherapy. According to the information that has been presented, people that use medical marijuana in the recommended doses will be able to experience pain relief when going through chemotherapy. Hopefully this very beneficial substance will continue to provide pain relief for thousands of people, and will soon be legal for all people to use in a medical setting. It is a very beneficial all-natural substance that now has clinical trials supporting the fact that it is not just a drug for recreational use, but is an effective painkiller for those that are suffering from chemotherapy, as well as other types of chronic pain.