White Widow

White Widow Cannabis Delivery

White Widow gets its name from the white crystals of resin that are found on the bud, which indicate a particularly strong strain of weed. That being said, it is a consistent bestseller and one of the most popular strains on the market today. White Widow cannabis delivery with TOPS Cannabis means that you don’t have to wait to enjoy the uplifting, relaxing effects of one of the world’s most popular hybrid strains.


People who use White Widow often have a sense of energetic happiness. It’s an uplifting feeling that boosts confidence and creativity. White Widow was first grown Holland and was incredibly popular in the Amsterdam hash bar scene starting in the mid 1990s.

White Widow, a hybrid strain, is one of the most popular strains to combine with others to create even more hybrids. For strains with White Widow in them, look for the word “white”: White Russian, White Rhino and many more are a cross between White Widow and something else.

Many use White Widow for relief from stress and depression, as well as pain and insomnia, although dry mouth and dry eyes are known side effects. The aroma is powerful and slightly woody, with an earthy flavor.

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