Vape Troubleshooting

Is your device giving you trouble? Are you not getting the same vape experience anymore?

There are a number of potential issues that could disrupt your vaping, but most of them are pretty easy to solve.

Device Won’t Turn On

There could be several reasons why your device doesn’t immediately turn on.

Possible Causes and Fixes:

  • The device has been fully shut off to prevent accidental discharging
    • Reactivate the power according to the manufacturer’s instructions
  • The battery has reached the end of its lifespan
    • Replace the batteries (or switch to a new device with built-in batteries)
  • The circuit is not complete
    • Make sure the battery door is properly closed
    • Remove any residue blocking the battery connection
  • The device is damaged (dropped, submerged in water, etc.)
    • This may require a new device if other measures fail

Device is Making Noises

Your vape shouldn’t be making any unexplained sounds.

Possible Causes and Fixes:

  • An overfilled tank or too much liquid in the atomizer can make gurgling sounds
    • Clean out the tank and remove excess juice

Vape is Hard to Pull/Not Getting Enough Vapor

Do you have to work hard just to get a good draw?

Possible Causes and Fixes:

  • The wick has absorbed more juice than the coils can vaporize, clogging air holes
    • Clean the threading on the atty and the battery, clean the tank, clean the contacts between the coil and the mod
  • Not enough VG in the e-liquid
    • Switching to a liquid with a higher VG content will produce more vapor
  • Low battery
    • Charge or replace the battery and see if that helps improve cloud production
  • Atomizer coil is dry or the atomizer is flooded
    • Clean off any buildup to help get a better pull and more vapor

Getting Leakage

If vapor is escaping from the device, it could indicate some serious problems.

Possible Causes and Fixes:

  • The device is not assembled properly
    • Ensure every component is tightly assembled
    • Check the O-rings and replace any that are cracked or broken
  • The tank is overfilled
    • Remove any excess e-juice and clean the device
  • The tank is cracked
    • Examine the tube closely to see if it is really cracked
    • This may require a new tube or a whole new device

Getting a Burned Taste

That distinctive “burned flavor” can be caused by a number of issues.

Possible Causes and Fixes:

  • Vaping too soon
    • Prime your coils by letting the wick soak up the liquid a bit after filling the tank
  • Old coils
    • Change out the coils regularly
  • Dirty coils
    • Change the wicks and rinse the coils
  • Burned coils
    • Use only the recommended wattage for your device to avoid burnouts
  • Vaping on an empty (or nearly empty) tank
    • Refill your tank before the e-liquid drops too low (which would allow the wick to burn)

Not Getting Enough Taste

There could be a couple reasons why your e-liquid doesn’t have the flavor impact it used to.

Possible Causes and Fixes:

  • Interrupted flow
    • Try the same procedures used to increase vapor/get a better pull
  • Vaper’s Tongue (Flavor Fatigue)
    • Drink more water or consider expanding your variety of flavors

Getting E-Liquid in your Mouth

You’re here for the vapor, not the oil.

Possible Causes and Fixes:

  • Taking too strong of a draw
    • Slow your pace, savor the draw

Battery Dies Quickly/Won’t Hold a Charge

Overuse, underuse, and several other issues could lead to poor battery lifespans.

Possible Causes and Fixes:

  • The battery is constantly and fully discharged
    • Recharge your battery before it fully discharges to avoid stressing the battery
  • The battery is overcharged
    • Extend the battery’s lifespan by not charging all day or overnight
  • Leaving the battery on
    • Turn the device off when not in use to avoid a constant drain
  • The battery is dirty
    • Regularly clean the tank, battery, and atomizer to remove any residual e-juice
  • The charger may have a problem
    • Make sure you’re using the right charger and that all charging ports are clean

Troubleshooting Your Vape

Most of the issues that people experience with their vape devices can usually be solved with a little maintenance and care.

Remember, an ounce of prevention now means you don’t have to waste a single ounce of e-liquid later.