Despite being in use for many years, marijuana has for long been considered a hard drug. However, it has come to be acknowledged in the modern times as one of the best relievers of chronic pains. Chronic pans persist for long period of time and are resistant to most of the available pain relieving drugs.

With this acknowledgement, most states have started legalizing its use for medical purposes. To use medical marijuana for chronic pain relief requires prescription from a doctor. The doctor issues a marijuana card to the patient that allows for access to purchase marijuana from authorized dealers.

How it works

Upon an intake of marijuana, the body extracts chemicals that affect the prevalence of pain, inflammation and other body process. In this way they are boosted and in such way reduce the prevalence of pain. THC an extract from marijuana is also an approved for of treatment for nausea and lack of appetite. This is approved by the FDA.

How to use marijuana

Marijuana can be used in different forms. Irrespective of the intake method used, the useful components of the drug are still effective. Smoking is the common method that is used to intake the drug. This involves rolling the leaves of marijuana in form of a cigar and lighting from one end. The other effective method is vaporizing. This includes heating until active ingredients are released.

Eating marijuana is also an upcoming method of the drug intake. This includes having it prepared in form of cookies or candies an effective way for those who cannot smoke. Liquid extracts are also available which contain the essential components of the drug and an effective way to use medical marijuana for chronic pain relief.

Side effects of using

Like any other drug, use of marijuana comes with short-term and long term side effects. Short-term side effects include dizziness, drowsiness, short-term memory loss and euphoria. When used for a long period of time the long-term side effects include sever anxiety and psychosis.

Caution in using the drug

Unlike most of the drugs approved by the FDA, use of medical marijuana for chronic pain relief is not monitored. Though legalized, the doctors who issue marijuana cards also do not have mechanisms to regulate usage other that cautioning the users on the appropriate amounts. This leaves the patient with an opportunity that can be used to abuse the drug.

Abuse f the drug and long time use increases the chances of getting an addiction. This is alongside posing the risk of developing cancer. In the same regard prescription by doctors cannot be given to persons who are under 18 year or those suffering from certain ailments. These include heart diseases, pregnant mothers and those with a history of psychosis.


Use of medical marijuana for chronic pain relief is ideal. Not only does it reduce the prevalence of pain experienced by the patients but as well gives them a better sleeping experience and a chance to attend to their daily activities. It is important however that before embracing the treatment to consider whether it’s legal in your area as well get adequate medical examination and prescription from a qualified doctor. This is ideal to reduce possible complications and side effects from its use.

Consider all risks when choosing to use marijuana. When selecting the right strain for medical use, you can reach out to medical professionals and a trusted California dispensary like TOPS Cannabis to point you in the right direction.