With many states having approved the use of medical marijuana to treat various illnesses and conditions, more and more people are benefiting from it. Nonetheless, for anyone to use medical marijuana, he/she has to seek a doctor’s approval first. This ensures the patient only uses it to treat certain conditions such as chronic pain, muscle spasms, sclerosis and involuntary movements among others and doesn’t abuse the drug. Although there has been a lot of controversy on medical marijuana, wax, and other concentrates use, some scientific facts about its benefits have seen many states approve its use.

Benefits and Uses of Medical Marijuana

1. Used to treat glaucoma: Smoking medical marijuana helps lower intraocular pressure (IOP) hence preventing the development of glaucoma. Patients at a high risk of developing partial blindness can therefore use this drug to help slow down glaucoma progression. This has been related to THC, the main compound found in marijuana.

2. Improves lung health in tobacco smokers: According to research, medical marijuana doesn’t impair lung functions but rather helps increase lung capacity. Unlike tobacco smokers who lose lung function over time, inducing pot smoking does help increase lung capacity, as it somewhat reduces tobacco’s carcinogenic effects in lungs.

3. Can be used to treat epilepsy: Another research on tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) shows that, medical marijuana can be used to treat epilepsy and anxiety. The main reason for this is that THC helps bind brain cell that control excitement. In addition to this, marijuana contains properties that help boost/regulate brain relaxation thus making it possible for epileptic persons to lead an ordinary life. THC is also believed to decrease Dravet’s Syndrome symptoms.

4. Slow down cancer progression: According to research on breast cancer, cannabidiol slows down/prevent cancer by turning off the ID-1 gene. This gene makes cancer cells almost impossible to stop as it multiplies production of the same. By turning off and inhibiting ID-1 gene production, cancerous cell development is slowed down, thus making it manageable. Smoking medical marijuana is therefore believed to help reduce cancer progression, with some medical researchers in Israel believing cannabis can kill cancer cells.

5. THC can be used to treat Alzheimer’s: Alzheimer’s is slowly becoming a real cause for concern in seniors. It is estimated that one in every 3 aging persons today has Alzheimer’s. A research on the effects of THC on brain cells has however shown that medical marijuana does help block amyloid, the enzyme responsible for killing brain cells. By blocking this enzyme, seniors, and aging persons have a lower probability of contracting Alzheimer’s among other brain-related conditions.

From the facts outlined above, it is clear that medical marijuana has many beneficial properties for the human body. Most of these properties are aimed at reducing pain and blocking enzymes that cause devastating conditions such as Alzheimer’s. In addition to this, you can use medical marijuana and wax to manage most cancer types such as breast cancer, prostate cancer, and lung cancer among others. If you already have a prescription and license to use medical marijuana, all you need is to find a dealer who grows the same. Medical marijuana is grown in a controlled environment to boost its effectiveness as a prescription drug.

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