We have all wondered it, some of us may have even tried it. Traveling with cannabis is a grey area many of us are not willing to explore. With more states adopting a recreational and medical state of cannabis, there are yet to be concrete laws explicitly defining each state’s travel laws. Under federal law, marijuana is still classified as an illegal substance. As a result, public opinion about traveling with cannabis is: do it at your own risk

More states recognize the medical value of cannabis, the market is catching up to the demand of introducing exciting new ways to consume. Cannabis flower is the most recognized old school way. Yet, many opt for a more discrete and oderless way of consuming. Vaporizers offer consumers more potent concentrations of THC, tetrahydrocannabinol. While some offer CBD, cannabidiol vapes. Smoking has been the ideal way of consumption for years, yet the market is booming with new ways of ingesting cannabis. These new changes provides the discretion of being masked as gummy bears, lollipops and baked goods. Equally important are the more innovative ways such as patches, soft gel capsules, fruit juices and even herbal teas. With all these products in mind, how risky would it be to travel with cannabis domestically or internationally?


According to the Transportation Security Administration website, TSA, it reinforces federal law against cannabis; defining the “farm bill” recently passed in 2018. The “farm bill” states: hemp cannabis containing less than 0.3 percent THC on a dry weight basis is approved by the FDA. More importantly, it’s clearly stated that medical marijuana is safe to pack on carry-on bags and checked luggage- with special instructions. What are these special instructions? TSA officers are not out to get you for your weed but are there to detect potential threats to flights and passengers. In short, TSA agents will refer to the matter to law enforcement if they find your cannabis products to be a possible threat to aviation or passengers. 


The special instructions when packing your vape products is to always place them in your carry-on. Any battery-powered e-cigarette, vaporizers and/or atomizers must never be placed in your checked bags as these products could potentially catch fire. In short, just a safety measure. Instead of trying to sneak those vapes deep inside of a sock inside of shoe underneath all your clothes off your checked luggage, make sure to turn it off and place it inside your carry on and you are ready for take-off! As a rule of thumb just make sure your oil tanks still fall in line with the 3-1-1 rule and it is less than 3.4 ounces. Although, most cartridges are never more than 1 gram of oil. 


Out of all the cannabis products on the market, edibles are by far the easiest to bring with you on board. Just like your vaporizers just make sure to pack it within your carry on and get creative with the packaging. The beauty of cannabis gummies, baked goods, or candy is that you can place it within a one-ounce ziplock bag or just an empty candy bag and you are good to go. They look like any ordinary food snack, no need for paranoia when packing your yummy gummies. Avoid the original packaging as most give away all the details of your cannabis consumption. With more edibles looking like an innocent brownie or cookie, the less likely a TSA agent will detain you for traveling with snacks. 


If traveling with cannabis domestically seems complicating and confusing, international travel with cannabis is an area very few dares explore. Many who want to make their vacation more relaxing might want to try and sneak a little treat. But with strict international laws, the last thing you would want to do is start it under international custody. Final thoughts? Don’t. 


America currently has 11 recreational states and 33 states that recognize medical marijuana. For this reason, if you must travel with cannabis, play it smart. Don’t take an alarming amount to set TSA off and follow the travel 3-1-1 rule. Take appropriate measures and you’ll be set to fly high!