Like the rest of the United States, California is still exploring uncharted waters when it comes to legal marijuana. Research is limited, even as the market booms with new methods of consumption. The old-time saying “don’t judge a book by its cover,” applies here, or should we say “don’t judge a strain by its number.” Today we’ll help you uncover the secret to buying weed. 


When it comes to buying cannabis, based solely on percentage, you might be robbing yourself of the full experience a lower shelf strain might have to offer. Take alcohol, for example. You wouldn’t find yourself at a bar buying a drink with the highest alcohol proof. Not only would the taste be retched, but you’re bound to get inebriated. THC percentage may not be a direct comparison to alcohol proof, but bear with me. By sequestering the strains with the highest THC percentage, you may be passing on strains better suited for your body chemistry.

This is when terpenes and the entourage effect come into play.  Terpenes in cannabis provide different aromas and effects. The entourage effect theory explains how terpenes and the full spectrum of cannabis work better when taken all together. This theory can be applied to pure CBD products as well. Full-spectrum CBD contains a small trace of THC, 0.3 percent, which would provide your CBD an extra boost to bring on pain relief, anxiety relief, and treatment in cancer side effects. 

Take Golden Tangie and our Clementine strains, for example. One of these strains provides a quick and potent onset euphoric buzz. The other one has a steady uplifting high at a more moderate THC level but is rich in limonene. You overlook the Clementine and its steady incline in effects in your search for the most potent strain, leaving you more focused and relaxed than how you first started.

Limitation on cannabis research didn’t stop the University of Colorado Boulder. Researchers put the theory to test. Participants who consumed high levels of THC were equally intoxicated as those who consumed lower levels of THC.

Researchers summarized the indifference in effect down to these three factors:

  • An individual’s tolerance over time
  • How fast an individual metabolizes THC
  • How well cannabinoids connect with our receptors in the endocannabinoid system. 


Next time you find yourself ready to shop for cannabis, keep these tips in mind:

  • Keep a log of strains best suited for you.
  • Ask your dispatcher/budtender for the most terpene-rich strain. 
  • Ask for strain percentage and cross-reference with its terpene profile.  
  • Inquire for any quarter price breaks on those strains you might think are not potent enough, we just might surprise you!

And remember this can apply to edibles too! Trust us when we say you’ll feel the difference between a 100mg edible versus a 10mg. Better yet, give us a call and we’ll help you on your cannabis journey! Cat’s out of the bag, and so is the secret to buying weed.