When it comes to cannabis and sex, there are a lot of urban myths and many preconceived notions. Scientists and reputable academic sources have been conducting experiments on cannabis and sex for some time now. Take a second to learn more about their findings and discover how that knowledge can make you a more conscious cannabis consumer in the future.

The Biology of Cannabis Use

The relationship between cannabis and sex begins when you first ingest cannabis. Once marijuana is ingested, it enters the bloodstream and travels to the brain, heart and other organs. The type of marijuana consumed, as well as the method of consumption and individual biological differences can all factor into the body’s reaction to this controlled substance.

In general, marijuana will mimic other biological compounds produced in the body and target certain pleasure receptors in the brain. Once this process starts, marijuana and sex drive begin interacting with each other.

Some physical side effects of marijuana consumption may be an increase in lethargy or sleepiness, or a boost of mental stimulation and a cerebral high. This depends on the particular strain of cannabis being used. These side effects can have negative effects on users of cannabis and their sex partners, but these are typically considered superficial and fleeting. Either way, cells in the brain also release dopamine, which is what causes the pleasureful high so closely linked with cannabis use.

The lack of motivation and increased appetite can also have side effects that impact sex drive. As we will soon learn, this is where the real science on cannabis and sex drive truly begins.

Marijuana and Sex Drive: What Science Says

Everyone knows about sex, drugs, and rock n’ roll, but is any of that true? Many scientists are taking a closer look at the link between regular drug use, specifically cannabis, and the connection it may have to sex drive. The results are startling.

Anecdotal evidence says that the relationship between marijuana and sex drive is still somewhat of a mixed bag. Some users report feeling increasingly aroused after using cannabis products, while some report the exact opposite effect.

Some recent intriguing scientific studies would disagree with this conventional notion. In one study that was conducted by Stanford University in 2017, it appears that marijuana led to definitively increased sexual activity.

Marijuana Buds

In the wide-ranging study, which looked at 50,000 American men and women, scientists noticed that women who regularly use marijuana had sex an average of seven times a month, compared to six times a month for non-users. Men who used pot regularly had sex around 6.9 times a month, compared with 5.6 times for non-users.

Scientists stress that this is just one study and it’s hard to generalize at this point, but it does turn the conventional ideas about marijuana and sex drive on their head. Just as notably, these results held true regardless of race, education or income level. The findings also held true regardless of marital status or whether or not the subjects had children.

Up until the appearance of this study, most doctors assumed that cannabis use was akin to tobacco use, which has been found to limit the sex drive and interfere with sexual performance. Not only that, but the study noted that the more pot you smoked, the more sex you had. That is, the rate of sex increased with the rate of marijuana consumption.

Cannabis and Sex

Many cannabis users experience a prolonged sense of time while under the influence. This can lead to a prolonged period of arousal and even a prolonged orgasm. The connection between cannabis and sex when it comes to the actual physical act of sex can also have a lot to do with whether one or both partners are under the influence at the same time.

When both partners are under the influence of cannabis and having sex, some describe feeling even more connected to their partners than before. Others feel that they have a tendency to internalize what they’re thinking and therefore feel more closed off and isolated during the act of sex.

Marijuana and Fertility

Of course, while cannabis and sex drive are linked, so are cannabis and reproductive health.

One 2015 Oxford study found that regular marijuana use (more than once a week) can decrease a man’s sperm count by as much as a third. Researchers are still hazy on why exactly this happens, but some theories suggest this is because the marijuana disrupts effective production of sperm in the testes.

Men aren’t the only ones who experience the effects of marijuana use when it comes to reproductive organs. The University of Buffalo in New York conducted a study in 2003 which found that women who smoke marijuana regularly can decrease the efficacy of their partner’s sperm by affecting the reproductive fluids emitted during vaginal secretion.

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