Sour Diesel Cannabis Strain

The Sour Diesel cannabis strain, also sometimes known as “Sour D,” is a sativa dominant strain blended with about 10% of indica.

This strain is about 26% THC –– a relatively high concentration –– so it is an ideal strain for experienced cannabis users. Because of its heavy sativa consistency, this strain is all about mental stimulation. Many users report using this particular strain to handle depression, anxiety, and to counteract exhaustion.


The Sour Diesel cannabis strain is notable for its energy-boosting properties. For that reason, many people choose to smoke this strain in the mornings or before a period of intense activity.

Consumers can expect to have many of the same side-effects as other sativa dominant strains: cerebral stimulation, creativity, and thoughtfulness. There should be little to no “body melt” or other physical effects that are more common in indica-dominant strains.

In terms of flavor and aroma, sour diesel is a weed strain that is definitely unique. Many consumers report a smooth smoking experience, with a slight citrusy taste, like a lemon or lime. This is where the “sour” term in the name originates from. As for diesel, that’s all about the smell. This strain has a powerful smell, so it might not be the best for discrete usage.

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