BHO Shatter Delivery

While extract comes in many forms, including oil and wax, TOPS Cannabis can also help supply you with top quality shatter. If you live throughout Orange County, Los Angeles County, or San Bernardino County, we can deliver to you! Our easy, simple shatter delivery services ensure you can order what you want in the right amounts every time.

Enjoy a selection that features the following quantities:

  • .5 Grams
  • 1 Gram

Since our inventory is always changing, make sure to check that what you want to order is available, or reach out to us for special ordering solutions.

The Benefits of Shatter

Shatter, also known as glass, is a concentrated form of cannabis that was been carefully extracted to from the marijuana plant to enhance the effects of the THC and CBD compounds. Cannabis shatter can be dabbed, made into vape juice, or added to a joint to deliver a potent, long-lasting high. Available in a variety of strains and concentration levels, shop our selection of shatter today.

Shop BHO Shatter

For the best shatter delivery in Southern California, choose TOPS Cannabis! Just fill out our quick contact form and stay tuned for a call from our friendly service representatives. They’ll schedule a convenient delivery time for fast, discreet service.

We can also schedule a same day delivery, based on a first come, first served basis.

Extract Dosage

Using extract, versus herb or edibles, is a completely unique experience. Make sure you enjoy yours when you get dosage and usage advice from our experts. Reach out to us at 1 (844) 420-TOPS to schedule a free consultation by phone or in your own home!

Get your shatter delivery when you need it when you call us now!