medical cannabis delivery Inland EmpireReasons Why Medical Marijuana Is An Excellent Option For Pain Sufferers

Pain is one of the most serious reasons why people go to a doctor and ask for a prescription. It’s hard to live with pain, so there’s no wonder sufferers would do anything to make it disappear.

Marijuana is already recognized and used for such medical purposes in 23 states. Patients who live in a state where this is legal can receive a “marijuana card” if their doctor recommends it. The main purpose of this kind of therapy is to alleviate pain and other debilitating symptoms of people suffering from terminal illnesses. There are a few advantages of using medical marijuana as an option for physical pain sufferers, of course, in the states where it’s legal. – Medical Marijuana near Inland Empire

Effectiveness is one of the main reasons why this kind of therapy is better than others, at least in a few areas of the medical science. Marijuana contains a series of active ingredients known as cannabinoids. They are very similar with some corresponding compounds naturally produced by the human body with the purpose of modulating pain. The main cannabinoid is THC, which targets specifically the CB1 receptors in the brain, the nervous system, lungs, liver and kidneys. By attaching to these receptors, TCH has the ability to quiet the response to pain, improving the life of the patients. This property comes with side effects such as difficulties to focus, judgement troubles and balance issues. This is why the doctors have to balance very well the risks versus benefits when they decide to prescribe this treatment to their patients. If the benefits outweigh the risks, this option can help those sufferers live their last days in dignity, without the permanent need to control their pains.

According to a randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled study published in 2007 in the journal Neurology, marijuana has a good effectiveness in reducing the pain caused by damaged nerves in HIV patients. Morphine and other opiates are ineffective in treating this kind of neuropathic pain, hence the superiority of medical marijuana in such situations.

Another study evidenced the benefits of marijuana in combination with opiates in relieving physical pain. It seems their combined effect is more powerful than the sum of the two separate effects. This synergy can bring a significant improvement in the quality of life of many chronic pain and terminally ill patients.

Researchers at the American Academy of Neurology discovered that pills or oral sprays with medical marijuana were able to reduce stiffness and muscle spasms in patients suffering from MS. The pain related to spasms seemed to be eased, as well as the painful burning and numbness experienced by most of these patients.

Each state has its specific laws in regard to the use of marijuana for medical purposes. In California, for instance, it can be used for treating conditions such as migraine and arthritis, as well as for other illnesses in which it could be effective. This is not possible in New York, where the law allows it only for a few severe medical conditions such as cancer and epilepsy.