Super Glue




  • Indica Dominant


  • Relieves nausea, cramps, chronic pain, stress and insomnia
  • Alleviates depression and anxiety
  • Heightens relaxation, happiness and sleepiness
  • Users can temporarily maintain a clear mental state
  • Weigh down eyes and limbs


  • Pungent
  • Pine
  • Spice
  • Skunky
  • Woodsy
  • Earthy
  • Sweet-Sour

When to Enjoy:

  • In the afternoon


  • Afghani and Northern Lights cross

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The rich, musky aroma and thick, chunky flowers of the Super Glue strain emits a skunky, sour-sweet odor that carries varying undertone aromas and tastes depending on how it’s prepared and enjoyed. These can range from harsh, acrid smoke smells with pine accents to sandalwood and spice odors. Super Glue is very pungent so it’s not a good choice for those who want to discreetly smoke.

A sudden head rush, throbbing of the eyes and forehead and salivation are common effects for new users. Unlike other sativa strains, Super Glue users don’t experience the common “mindrace.” Users are able to keep a clear head and participate in social activities and have coherent conversations and interactions with others as the calming effect slowly relaxes the body. At the climax of the high, users can become “glued” to the couch in a deep sleep.

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