Papaya Crumble


Papaya is an indica-dominant strain That produces cerebral sensations with stress relieving benefits. Dealing with pain or insomnia ? then you found the right strain. Facing the end of a long day ? Dont worry you found the strain to help the brain shut down and relax (metaphorically speaking) This strain tends to sneak up on you but never lets you down.


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As its name implies, you can expect a strong, potent tropical fruit taste, particularly of mango. With its high THC content and powerful lazy, sleep-inducing compounds, Papaya can be overwhelming for new users. The crumble from this flower heightens this sedative effect making it a poor choice for first-time users. Experienced users, on the other hand can combine Papaya crumble with any other fruit-flavored indica strain for an enjoyable, relaxing, summer evening.

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