OG Kush

OG Kush Cannabis Strain

With its balanced hybrid composition and its high levels of THC, the OG Kush cannabis strain is a reliable strain for people looking to get some relief from stress. This strain will leave you feeling relaxed, uplifted, and euphoric.

OG Kush provides a combination of intense mental stimulation followed by a decent level of body heaviness. For this reason, it’s a reliable antidote to depression and anxiety as well as a good source of pain relief. It has also been used to combat insomnia, hyperactivity, and migraines.


The OG Kush cannabis strain has a woody, earthy taste and the aroma can best be described as piny with a hint of sour lemon. This strain is a hybrid, with the breakdown being about 55% sativa to 45% indica. The OG Kush weed strain is well-known on the West Coast and in Colorado for having some of the highest levels of THC available on the market.

The side-effects of OG Kush include dry mouth and dry eyes. Because this strain often leads to energetic feelings, many recommend using it in the daytime or early night time for maximum effect.

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