medical cannabis ClaremontMedical Marijuana: Vaping or Smoking It?

Medical marijuana vaporization is a delivery method that’s constantly praised for its benefits. For many people that use cannabis for medicinal purposes, vaping is a much more favorable option than smoking.

What are the main differences between the two delivery methods? Keep on reading to find out and to choose the one that will give you the biggest medicinal benefits.

Smoking Marijuana Overview

Smoking is probably the oldest method of inhaling the marijuana canabinoids. Apart from producing a medicinal effect, however, this method could also contribute to respiratory irritation in some users.

According to people that have relied on medicinal marijuana for some time, smoking is far from the ideal delivery method. The toxic by-products of the combustion are the ones that could eventually contribute to respiratory problems.

The benefit of smoking is that it produces very fast results. The particles enter the lungs and from there, they are directly absorbed by the bloodstream. People that experience chronic pain, for example, will find relief within minutes of starting to smoke.

What is Medical Marijuana Vaping and How does It Work?

Vaping is a slightly different method of inhaling and it’s considered to be much cleaner and safer than smoking medical cannabis. – Claremont Medical Marijuana Delivery Services

A vaporizer is used for the purpose. In the vaporizer, marijuana is heated so that it produces a fine mist or vapor. This vapor is the one that gets inhaled. According to research, the vapor produced in this way is 95 percent free from toxins and carcinogens. The temperature to which marijuana is heated to produce vapor is much lower than the one needed for combustion. This is the main reason why the method produces a clean mist rather than smoke.

The benefits of vaping are numerous.

For a start, there’s no smell that is usually produced during the burning process.

The vast majority of the vaporized gases consists of cannabinoids. These are the ones that produce the health benefits of medicinal marijuana. In the case of smoking, on the other hand, almost 88 percent of the smoke consists of non-cannabinoids. This fact decreases the effectiveness of the treatment and makes smoking far from the most effective delivery method.

A few cons about vaping have to be mentioned. A larger quantity of medicinal marijuana will have to be used than in the case of smoking. In addition, the vaporizer needed to enable the delivery method could be expensive. Some of the most innovative pieces cause several hundred dollars, which is absolutely unaffordable for numerous people.

Should You Smoke or Vape Medicinal Marijuana?

The number of clinical studies proving that vaping is a lot safer than smoking is still limited. Additional research will be needed to confirm the fact that the second method produces stronger and cleaner vapor.

Giving both of the options try is the best way to compare the benefits and figure out which one works better for you. Some people prefer traditional smoking, others feel happier with the clean vapor.

Keep in mind that the composition of the vapor will depend on multiple factors. These include the quality of the cannabis and the lack of additives. Finding pure, quality medicinal marijuana is the first prerequisite for enjoying its benefits without jeopardizing your health in any way.