Do you want pepperoni on that?  The day has come. Medical marijuana delivery is just as fast and easy as ordering pizza.  Many people are opting for the medical cannabis delivery services over marijuana dispensaries and there are a dozen reasons why.  What’s best for you?!


  • The best part about delivery is that it is totally free.  Tops Cannabis doesn’t charge a single cent for bringing our top quality products to your home for you to view and make a selection.  Why waste money on gas and time on driving all the way across town to a dispensary when you can experience our full service portable dispensary selection in the comfort of your own home?  Hands down, opting for delivery is the better choice.
  • Close your eyes.  Can you picture yourself walking in to a seedy dispensary, filled with people that you wouldn’t feel comfortable sitting next to on the bus?  Sadly, that’s what many dispensaries in the Orange County and Los Angeles areas are like.  We at Tops Cannabis envision a different picture of what the medical marijuana industry should look like.  That’s why we cater to our patients a professional, reliable and polished full service dispensary delivery.  In the comfort of your own home, with our professionally trained staff, we can deliver to you an elite experience that you won’t find at any dispensary in town.  Stay classy and choose Tops!
  • We want our patients to get the medical marijuana that is best for the ailments that they are attempting to treat.  With our full service delivery, a professional budtender will go over the selection of products with 100% dedication to you.  At any dispensary you go to you won’t get that kind of one on one patient care.  It’s a retail store with too many patients and not enough staff to help you make your decisions.  Choose a delivery service like Tops Cannabis and you get in home patient care.  It’s the best way to go when choosing your cannabis delivery options!

Join the revolutionary trend and call today to get your in home patient care with Tops Cannabis!  (844) 420-TOPS
Serving all of Orange County and San Gabriel Valley.