Rancho Cucamonga medical dispensaryMedical Marijuana Delivery Vs Dispensary: What’s The Difference?

In states where it is legal to buy marijuana for medical use, many patients have the option of choosing between a dispensary and delivery. This means that patients could travel to a licensed to dispensary to pick up their meds. However, it might be more convenient for people with health conditions to have a delivery vehicle make the rounds to their home or place of work instead.

Medical Marijuana Delivery Vs Dispensary in Rancho Cucamonga

These are some things to consider when comparing having a delivery service vs. visiting the dispensary:

* Privacy
* Security
* Costs
* Quality

Product Quality

There should not be any real difference in the product delivered by a medical delivery service than there is in the product from a marijuana dispensary. Drivers and everybody involved in handling products should be very well vetted, and the original supplier should have good auditing procedures in place. Worries over getting poor quality or getting slighted in quantity should not be a real concern with people who favor the convenience of having their supplies delivered to the door.

Patient’s Privacy

In fact, some patients would rather not be seen visiting one of these places for a number of reasons because there could still be a stigma. In this way, a good medical marijuana delivery service will help protect the patient’s privacy. – Rancho Cucamonga medicinal marijuana collective

The delivery driver is usually an employee of the dispensary. These people are usually very well vetted, and there are tight controls with this deliveries — as you might imagine. Some patients prefer to have a discreet delivery from an unmarked car, truck, or van pull up at their door instead of having to go out in public to buy meds.

Patient Security Concerns

On the other hand, even some of these delivery drivers worry about security when they are doing their job. If any criminals are watching, they might recognize the typical vehicle used by one dispensary or another.

They might mark the house as one that contains medical marijuana inside, so they may hope to steal it later for sale on the black market. In some cases, it might be safer to just travel to a dispensary without having a delivery vehicle pull up to the door. Really, only the patient can judge which option will be better for them.

Convenience Of Deliveries

Of course, one big factor is the convenience of deliveries. Many patients are ill. Traveling to another neighborhood or even another city would be much too difficult. For a convenient way to ensure that deliveries are made on time, deliveries can be a great choice.

Dispensary Vs. Delivery

Most patients probably visit a dispensary the first time to make their selections. However, after finding a satisfactory product, many patients find that delivery really becomes a better solution. Meds can get delivered on time by a qualified delivery person, and most established businesses conduct their delivery business very professionally. The biggest advantage is the convenience, but it might not be the right solution the first time.