Marijuana Wax- What You Should Know About It

As they say, there is no limit to getting high. In the past few years, a unique form of marijuana has come into the limelight and become very popular- it is known as marijuana wax. Also referred to as “ear wax” or just “wax”, this is a kind of marijuana concentrate that has proven to be very powerful. It is far more powerful than the normal marijuana. The reason behind this is that it is known to bring about a quicker and stronger high. The cannabis wax is believed to be the strongest kind of marijuana in the market. Before you even think of rushing to try marijuana wax, it is important to know the psychoactive properties associated with taking it. In addition, it is important to be conversant with the dangers associated with making the concentrate at home. Colloquially known as ìear waxî, this concentrate gets its name due to its obvious appearance.

The Marijuana Wax Recipe

For amateur chemists trying to come up with their own cocktail of the concentrate, it is crucial to be warned that the making of the wax is not kitchen friendly for that matter. The marijuana is put in a long pipe or tube after which it is hit with some highly flammable butane. The importance of the butane is that it is used to extract THC which is a marijuana’s active ingredient in an extremely hardened and potent form that looks like wax. The process is extremely dangerous because you deal with highly flammable butane.

How Is the Was Used?

Once the extraction of the wax from marijuana has been completed, a “dab” is placed in a bong and then smoked. This is done just like the regular marijuana. Alternatively, there are people who prefer using vaporizers. A device such as the HK pen is an ideal option since its core can heat up to 320 Degree Celsius. This makes the wax to simple evaporate as opposed to the usual burning. This produces high that is much cleaner and with less toxins.

Why Is The Wax So Popular?

There is an obvious reason why some drugs or variations of drugs will be popular than others: the potency. The reason why wax has become the rage in the past few years is because it is much more powerful than marijuana. In addition, it is more than 80% pure THC. This strength is because the THC is extracted by butane in the creation process. As a result, the wax results in a much quicker high. The reason why people will use a stronger drug is because they want to get high faster. Being the most powerful marijuana in the market, it will definitely serve as the trick.

When dealing with a drug that is stronger and more rapid high, you must factor in the side effects. This is where all the fun ceases. Marijuana is known to possess hallucinogenic effects and those of wax can be extreme. You don’t want to be hospitalized after suffering some psychotic episodes.