Whether you’re looking for a relaxing night with friends, or relief from acute pain, you’ll find it in our premium indica weed. We have a large selection of indica cannabis flowers for all preferences and tolerances.

Indica strains relax users and have a high that culminates in a deep slumber. Indica plants are shorter, bushier and have wider leaves than sativa weed plants. These plants often grow and mature faster than sativa plants and they produce a higher yield. Indica cannabis is best enjoyed in the evening, as this strain produces extreme relaxation and sleepiness. The effects culminate into a sedation-like deep sleep and couch lock. Indica has higher CBD levels and lower THC levels. It’s used to treat acute pain, nausea, loss of appetite, stress and insomnia. Indica boosts the production of dopamine, which leads to the relaxation of the mind and muscles of the body.



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