So, you’re a marijuana rookie, and you go to buy weed for the first time. The budtender asks, “how much would you like?” and you’re staring back with a blank expression thinking, “good question.” It’s okay; we’ve all been there.

From grams to eighths to quarters to halves, there are many metrics in the weed industry.

Marijuana dispensaries and delivery services weigh cannabis products such as flower and concentrates in grams. While it is perfectly okay to tell your budtender that you want to purchase $X amount of weed, it’s always better to have a clear understanding of these metrics so you can make smarter, more economical marijuana purchases.

You can take the guesswork out of the marijuana metric system and be an informed consumer and order like a pro when you know the right terms.

The most common terms for measuring cannabis are:

A Gram (also called a “dime” or a “dub”)

Half a gram (a dime) or a full gram (a dub) is most likely the lowest amount you’ll be able to purchase.

This amount is ideal for those who do not smoke often or want to smoke out of a handpiece or pipe.

Grams can range from $10 – $20 depending on the quality of the weed.

An Eighth (also called a “half a quarter”)

An eighth is an eighth ounce of weed, which is approximately three and a half grams of marijuana.

With an eighth, you can roll two to three blunts or a handful of joints.

Most dispensaries charge anywhere from $20 to $50 for this amount, depending on the quality of the cannabis.

A Quarter

A quarter is the next commonly available metric for weed and, as you can probably guess by now, it means a quarter of an ounce. This amount is twice as much as an eighth, which is approximately seven grams of marijuana.

A quarter is ideal for regular smokers who don’t want to make various trips to the dispensary.

Prices for quarters tend to range from $30 to $60 depending on the quality of the weed.

A Half (also called “half an O”)

Next is a half, which of course means half of an ounce. This is twice as much as a quarter and amounts to fourteen grams.

Depending on how much and how often you smoke, a half should last any regular smoker for a few weeks, so it’s a great option for those who dread frequent trips to the dispensary and who like to have weed anytime on hand.

Prices for a half ounce vary, again depending on the quality but most dispensaries sell a half for anywhere from $100 to $150.

An Ounce (also called an “O”)

An ounce is typically the highest metric available of weed. Since it is twice as much as a half, you can already guess that an ounce equals twenty-eight grams of marijuana.

If there is any particular strain you love and want to stick to, it makes sense to purchase an ounce to reduce the number of trips to the dispensary. Plus, it saves you money since you’re buying in bulk.

An ounce of weed costs anywhere from $215 – $300, depending on the quality.

A Note about Price and Weight

It’s good to note that the more marijuana you purchase, the less it ends up costing you. So, if you regularly use marijuana, it may be smart to buy in the highest amount that makes sense for your lifestyle and budget. It may help you save some money in the long run.

Additional Good-to-Knows

In addition to costs varying by the quality, the costs of weed, and how much you can buy, also varies by state.

In states where recreational marijuana is legal, prices tend to be much cheaper than in states where it’s just medically legal. For example, an eighth of high-quality weed in California will cost you anywhere between $20 – $50 while the same strain and amount might cost you twice as much in New York.

Now, the next time your friendly, neighborhood budtender (or marijuana delivery service in California) asks you how much you’d like, you can be a little more confident and specific with each and every purchase.