How to Manage Your Cannabis use During the Covid-19 Pandemic

No one could have predicted 2020 to be hit with a pandemic know as Covid-19. In efforts to reduce the death toll and reduce infections, many countries enforced lockdowns. California recently passed a stay-at-home order. As a result, a handful of businesses have been deemed “essential.” California Governor Gavin Newsom granted licensed cannabis retailers as an “essential business,” under the stay-at-home order. San Francisco experienced the first wave of county lockdowns but not without bumps in the road. Initially, cannabis retail spaces were mandated to shut down, but after much local resistance, the mayor of San Francisco retracted the order. Americans rely on medical cannabis for a wide range of ailments. Shutting down cannabis spaces would have put many citizens at risk


Even though Covid-19 has affected our daily life, our economy, and international relations, it has not stopped Americans from getting their cannabis. TOPS Cannabis, along with many cannabis dispensaries throughout California, has seen a massive spike in sales, and we are all making our collective effort to serve our community. We are here to bring you the best tips on how to manage your cannabis consumption during our social distancing.

TOPS Cannabis

Here at TOPS Cannabis, we are grateful to be deemed essential and continue our services to our Southern California community. We have set ourselves apart from most delivery services by providing in-home consultations to let you get familiar with our menu and our drivers. In order to adapt to our environment, only quick cannabis delivery drops-offs are available while we temporarily cancel in-home demos. We have taken it upon ourselves to adjust our hours from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. We are taking all necessary precautions to ensure the safety of our drivers and customers during deliveries. 


Background on Covid-19

Covid-19 is a respiratory illness with a wide range of symptoms affecting humans. Although the Coronavirus has been around for a while, this new wave of novel Coronavirus is unique to the public masses. Medical professionals are scrambling to find a cure. Symptoms include, but are not limited to, shortness of breath, persistent chest pains, fever, and coughing. While self-distancing can be a rough transition for some of us, we are happy to provide tips on how to survive with the help of cannabis. 


Clean Glass For Cannabis Use

More now than ever we need to be taking extra measures to ensure we are using clean and safe products. This applies to our beloved pipes, bongs, and rigs. Supplies are scarce, but if you can, get your hands on a bottle of at least 70% alcohol solution! This is the perfect solution to clean out your smoking utensils. A simple Ziploc bag, alcohol solution, and salt with some vigorous shaking will do the trick. Do not limit yourself to just your pipes, but make sure to wipe down your surfaces and even ashtrays. Spring cleaning is taking on a new meaning! 



There may be a chance you have the luxury of “seshing” with a roommate or family, but keeping your distance in your sesh is still required. Abide by the 6-foot distance rule as much as you can. But this rule also means have your own bong, own personal pipe, and your own joint. 


We are all aware of the wonderful CBD benefits available but do not buy into any company claiming CBD will keep Covid-19 at bay. There are no immediate cures, and all we can do is practice social-distancing and good hygiene. 


Now is the ideal time to experiment with edibles if you are new to the game! Considering Covid-19 is a respiratory illness, we advise you to be cautious and sporadic with your smoking in order to not irritate your lungs. THC Edibles provide a wide range of benefits and are strain-specific, just like dry herb. Our STNDRD Gummies offer doses perfect for beginners all the way to experts. 



Although we are facing crazy times and living in the unknown, we are optimistic about the future. Recognition of cannabis businesses from our government officials has brought hope for many Americans who have seen cannabis as more than just “weed.” In these tough times, make sure to look out for your community, stay safe, and stay healthy.

-Tops Cannabis Team