Jack Herer

Jack Herer Cannabis Delivery

Named after an intrepid cannabis activist and author, Jack Herer is a cannabis strain that has been well known in creative circles for decades. The strain was first developed in Holland and grew to prominence as a prescription medication available in drugstores throughout the country. Many growers have combined the Jack Herer strain with others to make some very interesting and celebrated hybrids as well. With TOPS Jack Herer cannabis delivery, you can enjoy this highly rated, award winning strain on your doorstep today.


Jack Herer is renowned for its balance of cerebral and physical effects. As this is a hybrid that is 55% sativa, the effects lean a bit more to the cerebral side, with clear thoughts and euphoria being regular features most users mention. It leaves users feeling elated, energetic and focused. Many also say that this strain leads to uniquely creative thoughts and feelings. The strain has a spicy, pine scent and an earthy, woody flavor when smoked.

This particular strain has also been known to help people who are suffering from stress, depression and fatigue, though some users report experiencing dry mouth and dry eyes with extended use.

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