How to use cannabis to make your Valentine’s Day memorable

We’ve all been a victim of the V-Day stress. Busy restaurants. Long wait times. Noisy crowds. Not to mention trying to find the perfect Valentine’s Day gift for your lover (or friend). Whether you’re planning a romantic night in with your significant other, having a Galentine’s Day, or singles night, cannabis can give you just what you need to relax and unwind together. There’s nothing better than missing those February 14th crowds! Here are a few tips and tricks to use when planning this year’s V-Day

Cannabis-Infused Edible Making

What’s a memorable Valentine’s Day without the perfect desserts? Sure chocolate-covered strawberries and brownies are heaven on their own but imagine them with a little buzz? Surprisingly enough, there’s no major science behind the edible making. 

It’s so easy, it can be done in your own kitchen and there are so many ways to do it! You can use your favorite strain to create a cannabis infused oil. To do this, you can soak the flower in the oil, boil it, strain it, and viola! From there you can replace any cooking oil with your homemade cannaoil. Use your oil to make desserts or a whole four-course meal. 

For those who prefer a premade mix with exact dosages, you can find a magic miracle called cannabutter at local dispensaries or online! Just make sure to read the ingredient list to fit your diet needs. Premade cannabutter is best for micro-dosing and making small treats for you and your guest(s). 

Choosing the right strain for V-Day

Now, beginners and experts can all say they have weed horror stories. Getting WAY too high. Falling asleep too early. Maybe excessively snacking all night. But this doesn’t mean cannabis isn’t for you, this might mean a new strain needs to be explored. Cannabis and its effects are amazing when you find your strain sweet spot! However you decide to use cannabis, it’s important to choose a strain that with your desired effects in mind. 

Strain… types? What’s the difference?

Choosing a strain type might seem a little intimidating. It really comes down to three differences. Mind high. Body high. A little of both. 

Sativas work best for a mind high that isn’t so heavy on the body. If you’re spending your Valentine’s night binge-watching your favorite RomComs, drinking wine and playing your fav board games, or socializing with your partner, a good Sativa is just what you’re looking for. Sativa strains like Mimosa, Super Silver Haze, and White LSD are the perfect strains for an uplifting and energetic high that will keep you alert and awake all night.

Indicas work best for those wanting to set the mood and unwind. Indica strains are filled with relaxing properties and will definitely heighten your physical senses. Indicas also help relieve anxiety, so if you have those first date jitters.. an indica is the way to go! Indicas like Exclusive Gelato, Gucci OG, and Platinum Louis are amazing strains to help you unwind and relax with the perfect amount of heightened stimulation for those romantic date nights. 

Hybrids are for those who want the best of both worlds. If you and your V-Day partner are gearing up for an eventful night and you want a perfect amount of relaxation, a hybrid is best. Hybrids tend to start out with the perfect amount of energy and slowly dive into feelings of euphoria. Strains like Cherry AK and Holy Grail Kush work best for our euphoria lovers who just want a hint of a head high.

Make your day one your Valentine won’t forget

Whether you’re rolling up a joint and conversing, packing a bowl and wine tasting, or turning your edible making into a Valentines Day activity, using this guide can help guide you to a path of relaxation. This year, ditch the crowds and the stress and pick one of your favorite strain types to begin your Canna V-Day! Your lovers and your friends will thank you. Trust us!