How to use cannabis for your post-gym habits

When it comes to weight lifting, most people have a well-rounded fitness routine.  Eat a proper meal and take regular supplements to maximize their weight lifting routine. Most people hit their lift sessions after taking creatine or BCAA’s, then go home to rest and recover. But have you ever tried to include cannabis into your fitness routine?

Surprisingly, after cannabis made its way to legality, many people have started experimenting with marijuana by adding it to their recovery process. Some use CBD, a nonpsychoactive form of cannabis, or THC. Fitness gurus are beginning to take note of how cannabis itself can help alleviate their bodies of the inevitable post-gym recovery.

Does cannabis really help muscle pain?

THC and CBD are famously known for their ability to alleviate pains of all sorts. From chronic migraines to arthritis, marijuana-based products are widely used by individuals who suffer from severe physical pain. The post-gym recovery process is no different. After heavy weightlifting, cardio, or HIIT session, the recovery process can be rough. Some begin the process as soon as an hour after leaving the gym. THC and CBD can help relax your body to maximize your recuperation.

What forms of cannabis can I consume after a gym sesh?

Cannabis comes in many different forms, and all are acceptable for post-gym consumption. Depending on your personal preference, there are several options. Both CBD and THC can be found in edibles, vape cartridges, tinctures, and topicals.

The term “edibles” falls under a big umbrella. Edibles can be found in gummies, baked goods, mints, and chocolate. As the industry grows, edibles have now adapted to consumer demands, which means edibles can even be found in vegan and sugar-free forms. It’s important to ask your budtender for specifics to fit your dietary and lifestyle preferences. Edibles may be better suited for someone who prefers not to smoke.

Vape cartridges come in both THC and CBD forms. Some might even be a ratio to combine the best of both worlds! Vapes are filled with oil extracted from the marijuana plant and come in specific strains and/or flavors for an extra flavor profile boost. For those who live busier lifestyles or want a short term fix, disposable vapes are available. Disposables come in prefilled pens (similar to e-cigs) and can be thrown away when finished.

Tinctures are best for someone who has a sensitive stomach and prefers not to smoke. Tinctures are oil-based forms of THC or CBD. A tincture can be made with coconut oil, olive oil, or vegetable oil. Tinctures are infused with THC or CBD and can also come in ratios. Typically a tincture comes with a dropper, and a drop of oil can be placed directly under your tongue and absorbed, also known as a “sublingual.” Tinctures can also be made into small soft gel capsules for convenience.

Can I put a tincture directly on my skin?

Unfortunately, tinctures are recommended to be taken orally. BUT there is good news! Topicals are made to target pain without being ingested. Topicals are cream-like substances that are infused with THC or CBD. These can be rubbed onto the skin for pain relief. For example, to ease your muscles after a heavy leg day, a topical can be rubbed onto your legs to target specific areas. Topicals don’t result in a psychoactive high, but the THC/CBD content will help relieve tension and soreness.

So what’s the verdict?

If you’re a novice to cannabis or just someone who wants to take advantage of the healing effects of this powerful plant, there are many routes to take when combining cannabis into your gym routines. You can be an edible eater, tincture taker, or regular smoker, cannabis may be your guide to the relief you’re looking for after a long gym session!