It is now the turn of the decade! How many of us were expected flying cars by now?! Well, we might not have flying cars but at least we have weed delivery services at our fingertips! As cannabis becomes more accessible, you might be curious to expand your cannabis journey beyond your good ole joints.  We challenge you to set your new weed resolutions and cross off these must-do cannabis activities! 


1. Make Your Own Edibles 

If you have a sweet tooth like me, then cooking up a batch of pot brownies sounds like the perfect fix. What’s great about making your own edibles is the control you have over how potent your edibles will be. Maybe you want to get a stronger punch or have a more creative high. You have the liberty of picking which strain to use. Can you imagine some sativa blue dream brownies!? Yummy! 


2. Turn Your Family Members Onto Cannabis 

Not to take a serious turn, but it is no secret that America is facing an opioid epidemic. According to the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, more than 10.3 million people misused prescription opioid in 2018. This is where cannabis comes in. Everyday more Americans are turning to more holistic approaches to treat different ailments and diseases. Old school family members might be more familiar with the idea of “reefer madness”, but as we go into the new decade you might be the voice of reason to try cannabis for cancer, pain, and/or overall a healthier lifestyle. 


3. Smoke A Joint with Mum or Dad.. Dare I say Grandma?!

Which brings us to the next new weed resolution. Get Mom or Dad to try some cannabis. Many of our parents come from that old school way of thought that cannabis will make you melt and fry your brain. But the easiest way to help ease your parent’s worries is to try a baby joint and watch them relax. This is a true milestone in a stoner’s career: getting high with grandma or mom. *I’m still working on mine.. sigh.*


4. Throw a 420 party 

This year, we will have a FULL month dated as 4/20. April marks the national celebration for all stoners and the best day to get deals from all your local weed services. Why not celebrate with all your stoner friends and throw a 4/20 party? You can make it POT luck style and have everyone bring their favorite dish and make salad BOWLS. But don’t forget about the munchies! Spark up my friends! 


5. Start a Weed Journal 

Ever have a great stoner idea and forget it later on? Yeah, I’ve been there. I’m pretty sure we’ve all invented a million dollar idea but in true stoner style, we uhh…forgot? Well, starting your weed journal will not only help you remember all your great stoner ideas but it’ll help you keep track off all the strains that have inspired you to be the best you. 


6. Grow Your First gram 

Now I don’t have green thumb but I like a good challenge. Trying to grow your own weed might be a new challenge many of us might not be up for. But imagine smoking your own flower that was grown by your own two hands! If you’re looking for a step-by-step guide on how to grow, you’re going to have to look towards Google or YouTube! But let us know when you have finished growing and let’s smoke up! 


7. Attend a Cannabis Event 

Did you know cannabis events are growing in popularity? Not only are there smoking events were you can “paint and puff” but there are full on cannabis conventions! Maybe you’re looking to get the foot in the door for the newest venture or maybe you want to see what is new in the cannabis world! Learn more about cannabis events in cannabis friendly states with a simple Google search! 


8. Advocate for the Plant! 

Lastly, the reason we are all here: we love cannabis! There is still a stigma around cannabis but these stigmas are being broken down everyday with the help from people like me and you! Making it a normal thing will make it be less taboo and even more available across the country. There is still a lot of work to be done within the medical cannabis field and by proving the value, we can help those who don’t have immediate access to it! 2020 is the year of possibilities so lets get to work people! Happy New year!