Most often than not patients who do not respond well to traditional treatment drugs look for alternative treatment such as medical marijuana. Buying the right medical cannabis for treating certain medical conditions can be quite overwhelming, especially to someone who is new to this form of treatment. The following tips will guide you in choosing the right strains that meet your medical marijuana treatment needs.

Indica or Sativa

Both Indica and Sativa are two medical cannabis strains that offer different benefits and physical effects. Indica are short and stocky with broad dark leaves that appear green. Indica is a dense plant that grows faster when compared with Sativa. It can take about 8 to 10 weeks to blossom, and it is mainly used in making hash.

Sativa, on the other hand, is a tall but thin plant that has narrow light-green leaves. It grows tall and can reach as high as 20 feet within one growing season. It takes relatively a longer period to mature; for instance, it can take 10 to 16 weeks. It has fruity and sweet floral aroma.

Indica has dry, acrid and skunk-like odor. Among the two, Sativa tends to have a higher concentration of tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), which is the fundamental psychoactive ingredient found in marijuana.

Sativas are less potent when compared to Indica. Many patients tend to get increased focus, energy, creativity, as well as high serotonin levels when they take Sativa. It gives patients head and mind highs. However, in some illness, Sativa may not solely provide the needed therapeutic relief, such as in pain management.

Indica brings more relaxation and sleep inducing effects. These strains help in relieving nausea and stress. They can give a sense of calm. Indica may be used by those people ailing from HIV/AIDs, cancer, and glaucoma since it is effective in reducing nausea, and it stimulates appetite while controlling intraocular pain.

The Hybrid Medical Marijuana Strains

Hybrid medical marijuana is available in different strains. Mainly, hybrids fall into two groups which as Sativa-Indica and Indica-Sativa. Different hybrids are developed to help in treating different ailments. They also have different effects. The aim of hybrids is to bring in a combination of characteristic found in the two main strains; Sativa and Indica.

The Indica- dominant hybrids are considered effective in relieving pain, and the Sativa component in them helps create and maintain energy and activity in a patient. Sativa dominant hybrids, on the other hand, are considered good for stimulating appetite and the Indica component in them helps reduce pain and enhance relaxation.

When choosing the right strain, ensure you provide the needed information about your health to the medical marijuana provider. You need to provide information about your ailment or illness and the symptoms, which you are trying to treat with marijuana.

Cannabis is known to help in treating cancer as well as HIV/AIDS patients but it can also treat other illnesses such as paraplegia, epilepsy, muscular dystrophy, lupus, glaucoma, arthritis, Parkinson’s disease, and fibromyalgia.

Knowing the difference between different strains and hybrids may help you choose the right marijuana. Sometimes, it may take trial and error. Potency and dosage will vary depending on the strain and the illness you are treating as well as your individual tolerance. Choosing the right marijuana delivery service can also help you determine which strains will offer the benefits you’re looking for. You can avoid the search for a ‘dispensary near me‘ and have your medical marijuana delivered conveniently to you in California with TOPS Cannabis.