California and cannabis have long been connected. From 60s counterculture, to Cheech and Chong, to Dr. Dre’s The Chronic—California has long been associated with Mary Jane. In fact, California was the first state to legalize medical marijuana when it passed the Compassionate Use Act in 1996. Twenty years later, with the Adult Use of Marijuana Act, California joined Colorado by legalizing recreational cannabis use.

However, just because cannabis is legal in California doesn’t mean you can walk into any store to buy a gram or an ounce of your favorite buds. In order to comply with state law, you need to visit a medical marijuana dispensary, a licensed recreational outlet, or have it delivered from an authorized delivery service. Keep reading to find out how to buy cannabis in California.

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Can Anyone Buy Cannabis in California?

The short answer is anyone over the age of 21 can buy cannabis in California. A state issued ID or passport is all that’s needed to procure marijuana from recreational outlets.

Medical marijuana patients over the age of 18 can buy medical marijuana with a valid recommendation from a doctor.

What Kind of Cannabis Can I Buy?

For many cannabis users, it might seem odd that there are options available. In the past, cannabis users were at the mercy of an unbalanced exchange. There weren’t options—there was only what was offered—with no guarantees of potency, safety, or quality. That’s not the story anymore.

California marijuana dispensaries offer a wide range of options for consumers. Cannabis customers can choose from flowers, edibles, topicals, concentrates, and much more.

Flower Flower refers to the dried buds of the marijuana plant. It’s become the preferred term when discussing weed in California’s cannabis culture. There are many different options available and each variety is given a name—some of the most popular are OG Kush, Sour Diesel, Grandaddy Purple, and Jack Herer. These names refer to popular strains of Sativas, Indicas, and Hybrids.

Edibles Edibles are just what they sound like. Edibles are food or drink infused with cannabis concentrate. These products deliver a different effect from flowers, oftentimes producing more intense sensations. What’s more, the effects take longer to kick in and last longer than flower use. Modern edibles can be quite potent—inexperienced users should consult with a budtender when purchasing edibles.

Concentrates Concentrates include vape cartridges, wax, kief, and oils. These can be added to flowers to create a more potent effect, or used on their own. Vape pens are a popular way to use cannabis in small, discrete doses. If you’ve heard the phrase “dab” that refers to wax. Wax is a highly concentrated form of cannabis that delivers an intense effect.

Topicals Topical applications are at the forefront of medical marijuana use. They can relieve pain, anxiety, depression, and help with a number of other medical issues. Tinctures, ointments, patches, and other applicants utilize CBD to alleviate medical issues.

Where Can I Buy Cannabis?

marijuana cannabisUnlike other legally available products, you can’t just roll into any store or mall and expect to find legal cannabis. Knowing where to buy weed in California doesn’t have to be confusing. In fact, it’s fairly straightforward.

The easiest way to find a dispensary or recreational outlet near you is to use the Google of marijuana—Weedmaps. Weedmaps can help you find a location that’s near you. What’s more, it provides information on each location, like user reviews, menus, daily deals, and much more.

There are three main ways of buying cannabis in California:

Medical Dispensary

Medical dispensaries have been open for business in California for a number of years. However, not just anyone can walk into a dispensary and buy cannabis. Customers, called patients in this environment, need a valid medical recommendation from a doctor. Once patients have a valid rec, they can procure cannabis products from a medical marijuana dispensary.

Medical dispensaries often have a larger selection of products, provide products at lower costs, have lower taxes associated with purchases, and offer better access. What’s more, these locations can discuss purported medical uses for cannabis with patients.

Recreational Outlet

weed drugSince Jan 1, 2018, recreational cannabis has been legal in California. Recreational outlets are fully licensed locations that provide legal cannabis products. These locations don’t offer the same extensive selection that medical marijuana dispensaries carry. But customers don’t need to obtain a rec from a doctor to shop here. Customers simply need to provide an ID that proves they are over 21 years old.

These locations often have limited product selection compared to medical dispensaries. Because these products are for recreational use and not medical use there are differences in availability, cost, and access.

Some shops are dual-licensed—meaning they can discuss medical benefits and provide tax breaks and other discounts to medical patients while still catering to the recreational customer.

Delivery Service

A premium weed delivery service like TOPS is the easiest and best way to buy cannabis in California. You can order online or over the phone. You don’t even need to leave the comfort of your home—giving you better privacy, security, and convenience.

This is especially useful for many medical marijuana users. Some patients aren’t able to easily move around and visiting a dispensary may be difficult.

Our delivery service will bring the dispensary to you, right in the comfort and privacy of your home. We also offer the expertise of budtenders, all the selection of a full-service location, but none of the stress of going to an unknown location to buy cannabis.

Top Shelf Quality, Delivered

Knowing how to buy cannabis in California is about knowing where to buy it. TOPS Cannabis proudly offers a wide range of high-quality cannabis products. Our highly trained budtenders will gladly help you find the perfect cannabis product for your needs. Our fast, reliable delivery drivers can drop off your express delivery or bring the dispensary to you for a full-service experience.

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