GSC Cannabis Strain

The GSC cannabis strain is known for promoting relaxation and happiness. With pungent notes of earthy sweetness, the GSC weed strain (formerly known as “Girl Scout Cookies”) has won numerous awards, including the Cannabis Cup Award. It’s a hybrid strain that leads to a feeling of euphoria and lightness primarily in the head.

Many consumers turn to this strain for pain relief because it can relieve stress and physical pain, but also it can help with users who experience depression. Appetite loss and nausea have also been successfully managed with regular GSC use. A word to the wise: the GSC strain is relatively powerful, so a little goes a long way. GSC is known to be one of the most powerful strains on the market today.


The strain’s breakdown is about 60% indica, 40% sativa. Though this strain is known for being indica-dominant, it also has a good balance of sativa, which leads to a nice equilibrium between physical and mental stimulation. These feelings often last longer than other strains too, making GSC a good value.

GSC’s flavor is minty and sweet, and its aroma has been described as “slightly minty” and “skunky”. The strain’s appearance is super distinctive: deep purple leaves with neon hairs, bundled into bright green twisted calyxes.

The GSC strain is a great way to feel positive and uplifted while also getting some mild pain relief.

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