Green Crack

Green Crack Cannabis Strain

The green crack cannabis strain is a great strain for those who want to wake up bright and early and make the most of the day. This sativa strain provides those classic sativa benefits: increased focus and an effervescent feeling of elation.

With the green crack weed strain, you can count on feeling uplifted and mentally stimulated every time you use it. This strain is very popular with consumers looking to improve their focus and stave off tiredness and depressive thoughts. The name “green crack” can carry some negative connotations, and because of this, some customers have taken to calling this particular strain “Green Cush” (with a “c”) instead.


Green Crack is a West Coast strain through and through. This is a highly potent strain with high levels of THC (around 20% at its highest levels). The flavor of this strain can best be described as tangy and citrusy, with hints of earthy sweetness. Many users marvel at its smoothness when smoked. The side effects of green crack include dry mouth and dry eyes.

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