What is a Full Service delivery?

If you’re new to Tops Cannabis or are unsure about what you want, we recommend our signature Full Service delivery option. A Full Service delivery includes a free in-home consultation with one of our friendly knowledgeable Budtenders. From the comfort of your home you can preview all of our products, ask questions, get advice, learn about our selection and choose the best products to meet your individual needs.

What is an Express delivery?

An Express delivery consists of a simple drop off of your order. If you already know exactly what you want, we recommend this option. It’s fast, discreet and easy.

Who will deliver my cannabis?

One of our friendly and professional Budtenders will deliver your order straight to your door. They drive their own unmarked private vehicles and wear business casual attire to be discreet. All of our representatives have also passed comprehensive background checks ensuring a safe and secure delivery experience.

What are Budtenders?

Budtenders are trained professionals that are knowledgeable about the medical marijuana industry and our selection. They conduct private consultations over the phone or in person and will deliver your orders straight to you. Learn more about our budtenders here.

Do I need a doctor’s recommendation for medical marijuana?

Yes. Currently, California law allows dispensaries and delivery services to distribute marijuana only to patients with a valid doctor’s recommendation for medical marijuana.

Can I get a medical marijuana doctor’s recommendation from you?

Yes. TOPS Cannabis has an in-house licensed doctor that can conduct examinations and provide medical marijuana recommendations for FREE!

Do I need to become a member of Tops Cannabis collective?

Yes. California law still requires you to become a member of our collective before we can legally distribute medical marijuana to you. To become a TOPS Cannabis member, please complete our contact form.

Is marijuana legal?

Medical marijuana has been legal in The State of California since 1996. Cannabis for recreational use for people over 21 has been legal since November, 2016. Please note, although adult recreational marijuana possession and use is currently legal in California, dispensaries still cannot legally sell recreational marijuana until 2018. Please be aware of dispensaries or delivery services who do not require a valid marijuana doctor’s recommendation. Chances are, they are an illegal operation. If you would like more information about the legality of cannabis, as well as information on recent legal developments, visit our Laws page.

What strains of cannabis do you offer?

Tops Cannabis is proud to offer an ever changing menu of premium indica, sativa, and hybrid flower strains. We only carry the highest quality organically indoor grown medical-grade marijuana strains. Our flower strains are sourced straight from the grower to you to maintain peak freshness.

strains of cannabis

Note: Effects and morphology of Hybrid strains will vary depending on their parent strains.

Do I have to smoke medical marijuana?

No. TOPS Cannabis also offers a wide array of edible choices, pills, topical creams and many other options.

How much does a consultation cost?

Over the phone or in-house consultations with one our representatives are always free.

How much cannabis flower can I buy at one time?

We offer the following amounts for purchase:

  • Gram
  • Eighth (⅛ of an ounce)
  • Quarter (¼ of an ounce)
  • Half (½ an ounce)
  • Ounce (28 grams)

Return Policy

If any product is found to be defective, we must be notified within 72 hours from the date of the delivery. All products must be returned with the original packaging. Vape tanks must have no less than 50% of the oil left to receive a refund, store credit, or replacement.