medical cannabis huntington beachThe Main Differences between Medical Marijuana Strains

Each medical marijuana strain has particular characteristics that make it suitable for the treatment of one medical condition or another. Looking at the different options and understanding the main differences can be a rather challenging task.

Indica, sativa and hybrid medical marijuana are three of the most commonly used strains for medicinal purposes. How are these different and what does it take to select one variety or the other? The following guide will acquaint you with the most important characteristics of each of the strains.


The indica marijuana is visibly different from the sativa strain. Itís shorter and bushy. This strain can also be grown indoor, unlike the sativa variety. – Indica medical marijuana delivery Huntington Beach

The effects of indica medicinal marijuana affect the entire body. It is relaxing and sedating. This is the main reason why indica medical marijuana is predominantly suitable for nighttime usage.

Because of these characteristics, indica marijuana is suitable for the treatment of sleep disorders, anxiety, nausea, muscle spasms and different types of pain. This strain is suggested for managing the symptoms of multiple sclerosis, lupus and fibromyalgia. People that spend long days at the office and suffer from chronic stress will also benefit from the relaxing and calming effects of indica plants.


Since sativa cannabis grows much taller than indica, it is recommended for outdoor planting. The effect that this marijuana variety produces is also quite different.

Sativa cannabis thrives in warmer weather than indica. It has rather narrow leaves that are colored in a light shade of green. The vegetation period is very long and because of this fact and the height of the plants, sativa strains produce a significantly higher yield than indica cannabis.

The sativa cannabis produces a mind effect, rather than a full-body experience. It has uplifting qualities. In addition, sativa cannabis produces a mood boost and it also affects creativity. Because of these characteristics, sativa medicinal marijuana is more suitable than indica for use during daytime.

Sativas have several very important medical qualities. These are ideal for the management of depression, migraines and oncological problems.

Hybrid Strains

Over the years, the number of marijuana strains has increased rapidly. New hybrids have come to existence, bringing the best qualities of indicas and sativas together. The hybrid varieties can be either sativa-dominant, even or indica-dominant.

Sativa-dominant varieties produce a cerebral high. These are calming and relaxing. Some of the most common sativa-dominant hybrid varieties include purple train wreck, great white shark, blue dream and Mars OG.

Even hybrids contain a 50/50 sativa and indica mix. These have the perfect balance of relaxing and uplifting effects. Some of the most popular 50/50 hybrids include white widow, blue widow, XJ-13 and super silver haze.

The final range of hybrid varieties is indica-dominant. These are best suited to the needs of individuals looking for full-body pain relief effects. People that suffer from autoimmune diseases will get the best results from these hybrids. The most popular indica-dominant hybrid varieties include SFV OG, skywalker OG and blackberry crush.

There are other types of cannabis, as well, but these are the varieties most commonly used for medicinal purposes. The marijuana plant is truly complex. There are dozens of possible strain combinations, each one being particularly suitable for overcoming a specific range of symptoms. Taking some time to understand the characteristics of the different varieties will make it much easier to select the right one.