About Us

Marijuana Delivery

TOPS Cannabis started a little over four years ago with delivery to just 10 cities in Los Angeles County. Today, we provide the best marijuana delivery services to over 100 cities in Los Angeles County, Orange County, and San Bernardino County.

How We Became the Best

Becoming the best cannabis delivery service in these counties — much less the top provider of marijuana in Los Angeles — requires great products and a deep dedication to customer service.  Our vision is to offer the same experience you would get from visiting a dispensary without having to leave the comfort of your home. Our goal is to provide the highest quality products backed by reliable, professional, fast, friendly, discreet and knowledgeable customer service. 

Full Service Delivery vs. Express Delivery

If you’re new to ordering marijuana in Los Angeles, or you simply want a more comprehensive explanation of our selection, TOPS Cannabis offers private one on one consultations either over the phone or in your home.

If it’s your first time ordering with us or if you’re unsure about what you want, we highly recommend our Full Service delivery option. With this complimentary in-home consultation option, we’ll bring the dispensary to you! One of our professional, friendly representatives will bring 8 of our top shelf marijuana flower strains, all of our most popular edibles, concentrates, oils, tinctures, vape tanks, pills, topical creams, and more over for you to view in the comfort of your home. With this unique one of a kind service, you’ll be able to preview all the products we offer in person while our knowledgeable representative answers all of your questions.

If you already know exactly what you want, we recommend our Express delivery option. With this option our staff will drop off exactly what you need straight to your door. It’s fast, discreet, and easy.

A Broad Selection of Products

TOPS Cannabis is proud to offer an ever-changing selection of top-shelf, organically indoor grown, pesticide free, marijuana. We also offer a large variety of the most popular premium marijuana THC and CBD products on the market.

If you’d rather not smoke cannabis — no problem — we have many alternative solutions available for you.  Choose from a wide range of edibles, tinctures, pills, topical creams, and much more. Whether you have favorite a strain or you’re completely new to using marijuana, our Budtenders in Los Angeles can help you find exactly what you need.

Contact Us to Get Started

Get started when you fill out our customer order form and enjoy access to Express or Full Service deliveries to over 100 cities in the Los Angeles County, Orange County, and San Bernardino County areas. For more information about our products and services, please call us at (844) 420-TOPS.

Make TOPS Cannabis your trusted provider of marijuana in the Los Angeles area today!

Meet Our Team

Our cannabis delivery service offers you convenience, privacy, and an extremely knowledgeable professional staff to ensure you get top service and safe delivery.

Each one of our clean-cut, discreet staff members are verified through a comprehensive background check, so you can rest assured no unpleasant person is going to be showing up at your door.

We’re not just a weed delivery service, we’re passionate about the cause and believe in the benefits of marijuana. We’re normal everyday people like you who are working towards changing the negative stigmas and correcting the misinformation associated with cannabis.

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