Over the past few years, a lot of consumers have been joining the cannabis community for the first time and are eager to learn more about different varieties and offerings. It’s human nature to be curious, so we think it’s perfectly natural that new customers have lots of questions about which strains and methods of consumption would be best for them.

One good place to start when learning more about cannabis is learning about sativa strains vs. indica strains. Once you’ve got the basics of those two strains down, we’ll tackle hybrid cannabis strains and your primer course will be complete. Read our guide below to understand these three primary categories of cannabis strains.


Sativa plants are tall in stature with narrow, thin leaves. They thrive in long growing cycles, typically in warmer climates. To overly generalize things, people seek out sativa strains when they’re looking for stimulation. Sativa and sativa dominant strains typically provide the user with feelings of alertness, focus and creativity.

sativa strains

Because of these reasons, sativa strains are an excellent combatant against depression, but they can sometimes lead to feelings of paranoia or “runaway thoughts.” Some popular sativa strains include:


The shape and form of the indica varietals is typically referred to as short and dense. You’ll usually find these plants growing in colder climates where there is a shorter growing cycle. People seek out indica strains when they’re looking for relaxation.

indica strains

When someone consumes an indica dominant strain of cannabis, the feeling is typically described in physical terms. You may experience a heaviness in your limbs and chest, sometimes referred to as “couch lock” or “body melt”.

Because of their heavy physical effects, indica strains are often used to combat insomnia and relief from nausea, anxiety, stress and pain. Users can expect to feel an increased appetite too. Some popular indica strains include:

  • Blueberry
  • Northern Lights
  • White Rhino

Sativa Strains Vs. Indica Strains

Now that you can tell the difference of sativa strains vs. indica strains, it’s helpful to see how they stack up side by side.

When it comes to sativa strains vs. indica strains, people typically use sativa in the mornings as a quick pick me up or to dive into creative tasks. Indica dominant strains, on the other hand, are more associated with relaxation, pain relief and other forms of medicinal use. Of course, the opposite can occur for both strains of cannabis, but this at least is a generalization for newcomers to help get you oriented around the two strains.


Now that we’ve covered the basics, here’s where things get really interesting. Growers and amateur horticulturalists have been making hybrid cannabis strains for a long time now. In fact, many hybrid cannabis strains are actually hybrids of hybrids at this point.

All this hybridization of cannabis strains means that it’s an incredible advantage to the consumer. You can find a strain that perfectly fits your preferences, whether it be a more physical, “body melt” experience, or a subtler form of cerebral stimulation.

Whether you like a particular strain of cannabis often has a lot to do with whether you prefer
sativa strains vs. indica strains.

Take a strain like the hybrid cannabis strain Blue Dream. A mix of both sativa and indica strains, but is most often grown with a more sativa dominant profile. As a result, most users will describe this strain as giving them a cerebral rush of energy and motivation. That would be the influence of the sativa.

indica laced

The secondary characteristics involve a relaxing, mellow feeling of gentle numbness. This is reflective of the notes of indica laced into the strain.

It’s important to note that along with the comparisons of sativa strains vs. indica strains, any given hybrid strain can have various different phenotypes. These different phenotypes are like subtle differences based on the region the plant was grown in and other grower preferences. So the Blue Dream experience may not be exactly the same, based on where it was grown and who you’re buying it from.

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