California has always been a center for counterculture, and the cannabis movement is no exception. This heritage lives on to this day, in the amazingly diverse selection of high quality California weed strains. Check out these seven California marijuana strains to see if it includes some of your favorites, or to find something new.

Girl Scout Cookies

Girl Scout Cookies is known for its notes of relaxation and happiness. With notes of earthy sweetness, the “GSC” has won numerous awards, including the Cannabis Cup Award. Just one more reason it is one of the best California weed strains.

The GSC cannabis strain is a great way to feel positive and uplifted while also getting some mild pain relief.Many consumers turn to this strain for pain relief because it can relieve stress and physical pain, but also it can help with users who experience depression. Appetite loss and nausea have also been successfully managed with GSC.

GSC’s flavor is minty and sweet, and its aroma has been described as “slightly minty” and “skunky”. A word to the wise: the Girl Scout Cookies is one of the most powerful california weed strains, so a little goes a long way. GSC is known to be one of the most powerful strains on the market today.

Sour Diesel

Sour Diesel, also sometimes known as “Sour D,” is a sativa dominant california marijuana strains blended with about 10% of indica.

This strain is about 26% THC –– a relatively high concentration –– so it is an ideal strain for experienced cannabis users. Because of its heavy sativa consistency, the Sour Diesel cannabis strain is all about mental stimulation. Many users report using this particular strain to handle depression, anxiety, and to counteract exhaustion.

weed flower

Sour Diesel is a great California marijuana strain for boosting energy. For that reason, many choose to smoke this California marijuana strain before a period of intense activity.

Consumers can expect to have many of the same side-effects as other sativa dominant strains: cerebral stimulation, creativity, and thoughtfulness. There should be little to no “body melt” or other physical effects that are more common in indica-dominant strains.

In terms of flavor and aroma, sour diesel is a weed strain that is definitely unique. Many consumers report a smooth smoking experience, with a slight citrusy taste, like a lemon or lime. This is where the “sour” term in the name originates from. As for diesel, that’s all about the smell. This strain has a powerful smell, so it might not be the best for discrete usage.

Green Crack

Green Crack is a California weed strain, no doubt about it. It’s also a great source for promoting focus. It has a citrus, earthy flavor. Green Crack is a great California marijuana strain for people who want to wake up early and make the most of the day. This sativa California weed strain strain provides classic sativa benefits: increased focus, elation and an effervescent feeling of elation.

With this particular California marijuana strain, you can count on feeling uplifted and elated every time you use it. This sativa strain is very popular with consumers looking to improve their focus and stave off tiredness and depressive thoughts.

This is a highly potent California marijuana strain with around 20% THC at its highest levels. The flavor is tangy and citrusy, with hints of earthiness. Many have marveled at the smoothness when smoked.

Jack Herer

Jack Herer was a well known marijuana activist also known as “the Emperor of Hemp”. This classic California marijuana strain has a a piney, woody flavor.

The name of the game with this California marijuana strain is balance. If you like being lucid with a mellow high, then Jack Herer might be the perfect california marijuana strain for you.

The origins of this strain are not entirely clear, but many find this type of California weed strain excellent for depression. Jack Herer is a hybrid but primarily sativa-based. It brings those mentally stimulated feelings of intuition and understanding.

Blue Dream

The Blue Dream weed strain has a sweet berry smell and is a favorite for patients with pain, nauseousness and depression. This particular strain is a combination of indica (Blueberry) and sativa (Haze).

Blue Dream Marijuana Strain

Users can expect cerebral stimulation and thought-provoking conversations, but Blue Dream provides physical relaxation too. Consumers often say that Blue Dream gives them relief without drowsy side effects. The mild, reliable effects give gentle physical relief and mental stimulation.

Skywalker OG

If you like feeling relaxed and happy, then Skywalker OG is ideal. This indica-dominant hybrid will make you feel euphoric with its high levels of THC and a flavor that is best described as an earthy mix of lemon. Many also recommend this strain for pain relief.

Jet Fuel

Jet Fuel is a sativa-dominant hybrid. It’s an excellent strain for blasting off with some incredibly creative thoughts, especially for experienced smokers.

It’s a great strain to use right when you wake up in the morning to get ready for the day. Jet Fuel is also great for late nights. It’s heavy odor and piney flavor make it more skunky than the average weed strain on this list. Keep that in mind if you’re trying to be discreet.

Many users report feeling relief from chronic pain and depression while using Jet Fuel. It has a sky high THC level and has been known to cause paranoia in some, so tread lightly if you’re a new cannabis user.

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