Whether you’re a professional creative or just looking to loosen up in your spare time, you might be interested in learning more about cannabis strains for creativity. Successful artists and business moguls alike regularly use weed for creativity, but many folks don’t take the time to learn why certain strains are better cannabis strains for their creativity.

Sativa vs. Indica

Before we get to the list, here’s a quick primer on the two primary strains of cannabis, sativa and indica, and how they can affect you creatively.

In general, the high that comes with ingesting a sativa cannabis plant can be said to be more intellectually stimulating. Consumers experiencing a high from sativa and sativa dominant strains typically report feeling energized intellectually with less inhibitions. In short, sativa tends to help you feel freed up creatively.

Indica plants or indica-dominant strains, on the other hand, typically promote more physical effects. Consumers of indica strains generally feel more of a physical heaviness, a decrease in nausea and a pronounced sense of muscle relaxation.

Of course, like many agricultural products there are plenty of hybrid strains that mix and match the effects of both sativa and indica strains in new and unique ways. And that’s where things can get really interesting.

Naturally, if you’re reading this you’re probably looking for weed for creativity, so for the purposes of this list we’ve included plenty of sativa strains and a few hybrids. But pay attention to how indica can influence cannabis strains for creativity in interesting ways, and don’t discount indica if you find it works for your creative process. Every cannabis consumer is slightly different.

1. Purple Haze

A sativa-dominant strain with one of the most epic names there is, inspired by a song by guitar god Jimi Hendrix himself, this is a strain that is used by many hobbyists and professional creatives who use weed for creativity.

When it comes to cannabis strains for creativity, Purple Haze definitely delivers. Users generally report feeling euphoric, happy and uplifted, all feelings which lead to a general blossoming of creative thoughts and imagination. For those who want to feel relaxed and free to let their thoughts flow, this may be the strain for you.

As far as taste goes, the flavor of Purple Haze is a mix of earthiness and a sweetness that is distinctly memorable. Not only is it a great strain of weed for creativity, it is also a welcoming strain for casual users and first timers.

In addition to being one of a few reliable cannabis strains for creativity, Purple Haze has been known to treat patients who are suffering from a loss of appetite, depression, and anxiety. Like all of the cannabis strains on this list, this strain can have long-listing positive effects in more ways than one.

In case you were wondering, Purple Haze buds often acquire a purplish hue, which is another reason for the name.

2. Chemdawg

Some hybrid strains lean more toward the thought-stimulating sativa effects while others lean more toward the physical implications of the indica brand of high, but Chemdawg leans into both. A hybrid strain with somewhat mysterious origins, Chemdawg is a true hybrid fan’s hybrid.

This strain is not great for first timers, but it is a powerful one and many feel its power makes it an excellent strain of cannabis for creativity.

Consumers can feel both a heavy sensation of relaxation during the experience and a creative boost. Though this relaxation is all-consuming, it doesn’t restrict the flow of movement. This is one more reason why it’s an excellent cannabis strain for creativity.

The high from Chemdawg often comes on quickly, sometimes moments after inhalation. And the marriage of the physical and mental effects can be overwhelming to some, but many swear by this particular strain as an exceptional weed for creativity.

The aroma and flavor of Chemdawg can be powerful. Because of its intense effects, consumers have been known to not only use this weed for creativity, but also for treating more serious issues like anxiety and PTSD.

3. White Widow

Users focused on cannabis strains for creativity have relied on White Widow at least since the mid 90s, when it first was developed in the Netherlands and became a hash bar mainstay.

This strain is a hybrid and its buds feature a white, crystalish resin which is where it gets its name from. The white crystals denote higher levels of THC, so this is one strain that you might want to take in small doses, particularly if you are a new to marijuana use.

In fact, the average THC composition for this strain is 20%, which is a pretty high level, so you will definitely want to make sure to limit your dosages if you’re a newcomer to the world of cannabis.

Why has White Widow been a consistently reliable cannabis strain for creativity? Users report feeling energized, happy, relaxed, and generally euphoric when using White Widow. White Widow also promotes talkativeness and an uplifted feeling that many feel leads to creative success.

One downside to this creative powerhouse is the flavor –– or lack thereof –– that most consumers report. This may explain why White Widow, itself a hybrid, has been used in other hybrids to spin off interesting and slightly tastier new strains since its inception.

4. Casey Jones

Another sativa strain named after a famous song (this one by the Grateful Dead), Casey Jones is an excellent cannabis strain for creativity

Sweetness is a dominant flavor in the Casey Jones strain, as well as a pininess and an earthiness. It provides a euphoric high that can be boosted by moments of warm introspection and a strengthening of the appetite for some. This rush of positive feelings may explain why Casey Jones has frequently been used to combat depression.

Casey Jones

While Casey Jones can unlock energetic, creative feelings, it also has been known to cause a lack of sleepiness. It’s not a good sleep aid for those suffering from insomnia. Some possible side effects are cotton mouth, dry eyes, and occasionally headaches or dizziness, but not if doses are kept to a low level. In addition, there are some less intense indica effects in this particular strain as opposed to others on the list.

Consumers have often remarked that this strain is mellow enough that it’s an excellent strain to start off the day with in order to feel super productive. And the average THC level is about 15%, so this is definitely not the strongest strain on this list.

5. Jack Herer

Created in Holland over 20 years ago, this strain is characterized by a piney, woody flavor and is a top performer among consumers looking for cannabis strains for creativity. Jack Herer was a well known marijuana activist also known as “the Emperor of Hemp” who died in 2010, and has won numerous awards, including from High Times Magazine, so this strain has that legacy going for it too.

The name of the game with the Jack Herer marijuana strain is balance. It’s an excellent, even keel marriage of the more heady, cerebral experiences of smoking a sativa-dominant strain along with the physical tingling sensation that is more common with indica-dominant strains.

Consumers of Jack Herer also often feel more focused and locked in on what they are doing, which many feel can lead to more creativity. If you find being lucid with a mellow high to be conducive to your imagination, then Jack Herer might be the perfect cannabis strain for your creativity.

The origins of this strain are not entirely clear, but many find this type of marijuana excellent for depression, though not for anxiety, as it tends to speed up your thoughts.

Jack Herer is a hybrid but mostly sativa-based, so it brings along with it those mentally stimulated feelings of intuition and understanding that comes with many great cannabis strains for creativity.

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